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the nest generation of tools for eniggered stone

azienda nest
azienda nest


Nest is an Italian company with a complete production line of diamond tools, both metallic and resin bonding, for calibrating, smoothing and polishing of any manmade material either old or new generation.

Nest president, Primo Nicolai, features a fortieth year experience in diamond tools and abrasive production field.
His experience started in the 70th, collaborating with companies producing tools for marble machining. In early 80th, adding to his experience on marble, he was also marking attention to granite machining, with Nicolai Import Export Snc. From mid-80th, he launched a new challenge with the starting of Nicolai Diamant producing and selling tools mainly for CNC stone machining and stone polishing, his collaboration with his original company went until end 2013.

2014 was time for him to go again in innovation and new growing market, with Nest coming out from the cession of a branch of Nicolai Diamant, he was focusing on manmade materials machining. Bretonstone, Cemstone, ceramic and synthetic marble became his new activity field.

Nest today, with highly qualified collaborators in both metal and resin bonded tools as well as straight collaboration with Pisa and Florence University is in up-to-date position for projecting and marketing of diamond tools for calibrating and polishing of new generation material as Cristobalite, Dekton, Lapitec and Laminam.

For such material was created new product line:

  • Drysquare: squaring wheels for ceramic – dry processing
  • Restart: Resin Fickert for ceramic slabs processing
  • Extra: Finishing metal MC8 rollers
  • Next: Smoothing – Polishing Fickert for fine quartz
  • Reverso: New reverse Frankfurt for engineered marble